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No frills. No bull.

Just skill, security, and sanity.

Your website is essential.

And it needs help.

So do you.

A company your size should have a web design and development team. But it’s just you!

Your website is critical to your marketing efforts, but keeping it maintained and updated is a full-time job.

And with all the marketing and communication tasks on your plate, you have way more than you can handle.

No matter how hard you work, someone is constantly pointing out errors and filling your inbox!

Not to mention the constant stream of security updates and bug fixes...a mind-numbing array of conflicts and challenges for your overworked IT team.

The agency that built your website seems too busy to be bothered with maintaining it…

Have you had it with this pressure headache?

Meet your web development dream team.

Capitol Media is ALL about maintaining, updating and keeping your website current and relevant. That’s ALL we do!

We offer a full range of website support services, without fat monthly retainers or locked-in contracts.

No big impersonal agency.

No bloated overhead or fancy offices to support. We’re a nimble group of skilled, experienced, savvy web developers committed to making sure your website shines.

We custom-design a program that fits your requirements and budget. One that’s designed to provide you with the exact level of service you need—and relief from the time-consuming nightmare of website upkeep you were never meant to do.


Just ask Rick…

Capitol Media has worked with Rick at three different companies. When he started with his most recent company in late 2017, the website he inherited had been launched and ignored since the late 1990s.

One of Rick’s first priorities was to launch a new website…and fast.

Rick brought us in for this project for three reasons:

  • We had worked with Rick for years, establishing a solid working relationship.
  • He knew we were one of the few agencies that would develop a design he provided.
  • He had a limited budget, and was confident we could finish the project on time and on budget.

The company required that we use Drupal Version 8, which is an enterprise-level Content Management System.

We started the project in March of 2018 and rolled out the final product in June of 2018. The website is close to 400 pages and has over 15 unique templates.

Within a month of launching, the new website was generating three times as many leads as the old website. And because the website was more professional and much easier to use, the quality of leads improved as well.

Rick was thrilled. Having us on the project freed up loads of his time and allowed him to focus on his marketing initiatives.


Website maintenance includes different things for different types of websites.

We can offer you a website maintenance plan that is perfect for your site whether it’s a Wordpress, Drupal, or eCommerce site. Request a review of your website.

A few of the services we provide:


Your website is the modern version of your business card AND storefront, open and viewable 24/7. The opportunity of the Internet is incredible exposure to and potential growth.

The downside is that if you neglect your website, a bad impression can turn away potential customers forever. Crashes and downtime can cost you business, as well as cost money to fix.

Does your website contain outdated offers, products or pricing? Are there broken links? How’s your security—do you have the proper certificates? Are you protected from hackers and malware?

Is your site mobile-friendly? Is it even backed up in case code gets deleted or a database gets corrupted? Is your content fresh and relevant?

Since 2004, Capitol Media has built a close-knit community of clients, vendors, and friends alike.

We work together creating digital platforms for businesses while helping them grow, expand, and remain secure. We’d love to welcome you to the Capitol Media family!

A maintenance plan is peace of mind that your site is presentable, functional and recoverable. As a trusted partner, we’ll take care of your website—so you don’t have to.

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